Types of Music to Play During An Urban Art Fair

When planning an urban art fair, you want the art to be the star, but it helps to have music in the background to accentuate the atmosphere so patrons can have more appreciation of the art.

When selecting the type of music to play at the fair, consider the art that is being displayed. If the art depicts violent, disturbing scenes, select aggressive music that drives home the point of the art itself.

Most of the time, though, you really only need to choose music Read the rest of this entry

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Best Museum to Host an Urban Art Fair

Best Museum to Host an Urban Art Fair

Barry McGee’s Show At The ICA In Boston
If you are looking for one of the world’s most exhilarating and exciting upcoming graffiti exhibits, then Barry McGee’s 2013 show at the ICA in Boston will be right up your alley. The exhibit will feature a retrospective of the artist Barry McGee from the 1980s through 2013. Barry McGee’s artwork ranges in complexity and form with pieces of graffiti and minimalist geometric op art designs. Barry McGee’s tag name was Twist. He began his artistic career as a graffiti Read the rest of this entry

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How to Become an Urban Artist

Boldness seems to be the primary ingredient necessary for becoming an urban artist. One thinks of Swoon, who arrived in New York, explored her urban surroundings, and began pasting her cutouts around town in plain daylight. Urban art is not for the timid. Banksy still wears a mask and has successfully managed to keep his real identity secret, since many of his early interventions were highly illegal. Fefe Talavera made a name for herself in a man’s world–the streets of Sao Paolo, Read the rest of this entry

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The Line between Vandalism and Art

Believe it or not, graffiti (or urban art) can be a valid form of art and self-expression, but there is a line between vandalism and art – one that you can’t simply reconcile with meaningless platitudes like “free speech.”

Like everyone else in the country, you have the right to self-expression and free speech – within the confines of the law. That means you can paint a pretty picture or spray paint a wall as long as you are not, in any way, impacting or infringing the basic rights of others.

It’s an important qualifier that lots of artists either fail to take into account or completely disregard.

Here’s an example: An inner city church might commission an urban artist to create a hip and trendy mural on one of their walls depicting God’s grace and that’s totally okay because they have permission to use that space and are, hopefully, working within what the church is going for.

What’s not okay is simply painting over any blank surface you see because you can without consent. If you have local Direct TV and you get PBS, there’s an example of this in one of the episodes of the documentary Art21 where an artist is seen painting on the sides of train cars that are clearly in use.

His defense is “Oh, well a corporate ad or jingle is just as damaging and abrasive to me as what I’m doing to their train cars.” In this case, it really is vandalism because you’re not getting their consent and you could very well be damaging their marketing or advertising strategy.

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Upcoming Urban Art Museum To Be Built in Brooklyn

Anyone that lives around the area of Brooklyn NY should know about the many styles and designs of art. There are so many forms of art in the city that it might be hard to keep up with them all. The good news is that there is an upcoming Urban Art Museum being built in Brooklyn.

The need for a museum such as this one is very important for the city as well as the culture of all forms Read the rest of this entry

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Los Angeles’ Most Famous Urban Artists

Urban Art is a newly recognized form of art revolving around city life, and what it means to be living in the city. The passion involved with living the “City Life” is reflected in the art in different forms, ranging from graffiti-drawing to flash-mobbing.

George Yepes is one famous artist who represents this unique art scene. The Los Angeles New Times called him “The City’s Preeminent BadAss Muralist” in June of 2000, and he was also named “Treasure of Los Angeles” in 1997 by The Mayor and the Los Angeles City Council. His paintings Read the rest of this entry

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Urban Art Festival at Signature Wines

The days when the graffiti paintings and the street art were considered to be nothing more than acts of vandalism are long gone. They’ve become now works which have artistic values – of course, as long as we are not talking about randomly spread paint on the walls. More and more festivals are starting to acknowledge that what these artists are doing isn’t simply ruining the public proprieties, but letting their imagination go. The end results are in some cases marvelous. The urban artists received more exposure thanks to the Oscar nominated documentary ” Read the rest of this entry

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How Does Street Art Effect The Community

Many residents in a neighborhood wonder how does street art effect the community? The overall effects can be positive. The artwork increases the opportunity for enjoyment and enables self expression by the community’s residents. Art can help define a region by building its own self awareness and distinct personality.

A community involved street art project helps bring people together and creates a feeling of camaraderie amongst neighbors. It fosters a deep pride in the neighborhood.

The overall effect of the art helps to attract tourists and other art Read the rest of this entry

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Benefits of Finding a Reliable Urban Art Tattoo Artist

Are you currently thinking about possibly getting a new urban art tattoo? If so, I would highly recommend that you find a reliable urban art tattoo artist. There are a wide variety of benefits to this!

For starters, you definitely do not want just anyone doing your urban art tattoo. You want to find someone who is an experienced urban art tattoo artist. If possible, watch them doing a tattoo on someone else prior to getting your tattoo done. You will want to be sure to watch them Read the rest of this entry

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